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Author: Chernin, Ariel; Linebarger, Deborah L.
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Year: 2005
Article Title: The relationship between children's television viewing and academic performance
Journal: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Volume: 159
Edition: 7
Issue: 159
Pages: 687-689
ISBN/ISSN: 1072-4710
Source of Funding: Funding Source Not Stated in Paper
Study Design: Editorial/Comment/Letter
Publication Type: Journal Article
Age Group: Childhood (birth-12 yrs), Preschool Age (2-5 yrs), School Age (6-12 yrs)
Abstract: Objective: To review three studies on the effects of childhood television viewing on academic achievement.

Design: Review of conceptual and methodological issues presented by three studies published in ARCHIVES, Pediatric Adolescents Medicine, Vol. 159, July 2005: Hancox et al, Zimmerman and Christakis, Borzekowski and Robinson.

Subjects and Setting: N/A

Intervention(s): N/A

Outcome Measure(s): N/A

Results: All three studies examined the relationship between television viewing and academic performance in childhood, concluding that viewing has a negative effect on achievement. The studies, however, did not adequately account for the different television content being viewed. The studies placed too much emphasis on displacement theory, which focuses on the time spent watching television over the content being watched. Previous research has shown that different types of television content have different effects on academic performance.

Conclusion: Recent research findings concerning the effects of television viewing on academic performance underscored the role of television content and other contextual factors in predicting academic performance. Center on Media and Child Health
Keywords: Achievement
Children's Television
Cognitive Development
Educational Television
Infants and Toddlers
Media Diet
Public Health
Television Programs
Time Displacement



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