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Visual narratives of the pediatric illness experience: Children communicating with clinicians through video
Publication Type:
Journal Article
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America 14 (3) pg 571-587
Objective: To examine the use of Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA) as a multi-dimensional, flexible, and patient-centered approach for understanding the pediatric illness experience. Design: Overview of VIA methodology, a process in which youth with chronic illnesses create visual illness narratives (VIN) of thecontinued
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Age Group:
Childhood (birth-12 yrs)
Study Design:
Qualitative Study
Source of Funding:
Arthur Vining Davis Foundations; Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Fund; John W. Alden Trust; William F. Milton Fund; Leadership Education in Adolescent Health, Department of Health and Human Resources Maternal and Child Health Bureau project 5T71MC0000912; National Institute of Child Health and Human Development grant K23HD1296 (Rich)
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